Patchwork Quilts and More


Quilts are the most versatile, practical, beautiful, warming, comforting and useful things in the world and everyone should have at least one!

A well made quilt can last a lifetime and therefore makes a perfect present for many occasions.

Quilts can be in your child's bedroom, on your own bed,on a garden bench in the summer, be handy on a boat, in a caravan, as a picnic blanket or keep you warm sitting on your sofa on those cold winter evenings.

Quilts can be commissioned for weddings, christenings, the birth of a child or grandchild, a child leaving home or even as a memory of a loved one that has passed on.

Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology makes it possible to incorporate your pictures in a quilt as well as embroidered names or dates. Imagine what a truly unique present this is...

In a time of globalisation and standardized goods in high street shops, finding something unique and actually having it made just for you is very special indeed.

Visit my SHOP to find out what's finished and ready to be shipped or contact me for a quote for anything you might want to have made.

If I could make you feel a little bit of my passion for quilts and you would like to find out more please browse my website and contact me with any questions you might have. I'll be happy to help.


Ulrike Tillmans

Patchwork Quilts and More